Nygårdskyrkan in English

JesusNygårdskyrkan is a multicultural Christian church committed to implementing Jesus’ life and mission into our everyday lives and the life of the Church.

We want to be a relevant church where you feel at home, no matter where you come from or what you are carrying in your life. You are welcome to join us!


Sunday Worship Service at 11 am

Every Sunday we meet for worship, Bible study and prayer at 11 am. The service is mostly in Swedish, but is translated into English. The worship songs are sung in Swedish as well as in Arabic, English and Spanish.

The church does not have a building of its own but meet at Gasellen at Skäggetorpsgatan 6 (You can find your way by looking at Google maps.)


The Vision of Nygårdskyrkan

As a generous and close fellowship
we want to be shaped and transformed by Jesus
into a united multicultural people
who makes known and expands the Kingdom of God.


Our goal is to be a Church where everyone feels at home, yet we have a specific focus on being salt and light in the area of Skäggetorp.


An Evangelical and Charismatic Baptist Church

We belong to the Swedish denomination Evangeliska Frikyrkan (Interact), which is an evangelical church with charismatic baptist tradition with roots in the 19th century revival movements. Nygårdskyrkan is a church plant with support from Ryttargårdskyrkan in Linköping.

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